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Welcome to LOVE U BUNCHES (LUB), a premier junior girls’ tennis apparel brand dedicated to providing luxury, high-quality clothing for girls who love and play tennis. We operate exclusively online, making it convenient for girls across the globe to access our stylish and functional tennis apparel.


At LUB, our primary focus is on creating clothing that offers comfort, style, and functionality to girls who play tennis. We understand the importance of free movement on the court, and our apparel is designed to facilitate just that. In addition, the fabric in our clothing keeps girls’ bodies cool and dry, allowing them to perform at their best during intense matches or play.


We aim to establish ourselves as one of the leading brands in the global girls’ tennis apparel industry. We aim to make our products easily accessible to our customers. Our business website serves as a platform where customers can easily browse and make online purchases, providing a seamless shopping experience.


Customer satisfaction is at the core of our business. We go the extra mile to ensure that our customers find what they want when they visit our online store. 

We believe in creating a customer-centric approach, building long-term relationships, and inspiring customer loyalty. We want every girl to feel confident and empowered when wearing our clothing on the court.


But LUB is more than just a tennis apparel brand. We aim to inspire girls who play tennis, to believe  themselves, and find empowering clothing styles and accessories that reflect their unique personalities on the court. In addition, we promote inclusivity and diversity, ensuring that girls from all backgrounds feel welcome and represented in our brand.


Outstanding customer service is our top priority. We utilize B.E. Suite, a powerful tool to cultivate a tailored relationship with each customer, regardless of the size of our customer base. We encourage our customers to participate in selecting colors and styles for our inventory, involving them in business decisions that impact their preferences.


Our brand values align with four principles: passion, confidence, growth, and power. To symbolize these principles, we have assigned a color to each one, incorporating them into our tennis dress designs. The Red Rush Tennis Dress represents passion, the Yellow Yoke Tennis Dress represents confidence, the Green Glide Tennis Dress represents growth, and the Black Blaze Tennis Dress represents power.


LOVE U BUNCHES was founded on the love between a grandmother and her granddaughter, and we extend that love to the young girls who become our customers. Our mission is to promote self-esteem and self-love among girls, providing resources surrounding mental health and tennis playing through our community. We continuously seek innovative ways to meet our customer’s needs and expectations.


As a growing company, we prioritize learning and staying informed about the market and industry

trends. Our commitment to quality, attention to detail, and personalized service are evident in our products, which reflect our customers’ values and societal needs. We value all our clients and are constantly exploring new avenues to market our exceptional services.

Thank you for choosing LOVE U Bunches. Let’s make every tennis game a stylish and empowering experience for girls around the world. 



The Red Rush Tennis Dress represents passion in multiple ways, evoking enthusiasm, drive, urgency, intensity, and dedication. When girls wear this dress, it ignites their inspiration to express their passion for tennis and pursue their goals with zeal and energy. The Red Rush tennis dress also signifies the girls’ commitment to the game. By wearing a dress that embodies passion and energy, girls feel motivated to bring their utmost effort and intensity to their tennis matches as they strive to achieve their objectives with determination and enthusiasm.



The Yellow Yoke Tennis Dress represents girls’ confidence. It symbolizes a player’s positive attitude, energy, and determination, fostering a sense of self-assuredness and confidence on the court. Furthermore, by wearing a stylish and well-designed outfit, girls feel great about their appearance, allowing them to express their unique personalities and styles. Therefore, the Yellow Yoke dress helps boost their confidence in their abilities on the tennis court and in their everyday lives.



The Green Glide Tennis Dress signifies growth in various ways, evoking a sense of fresh beginnings, new possibilities, ease, fluidity, and personal development. Wearing this dress inspires girls to embark on a journey of growth and self-improvement within and beyond the tennis court. Furthermore, the Green Glide tennis dress encourages girls to prioritize personal development and self-improvement, symbolizing their growth. Ultimately, donning a dress that embodies growth and renewal motivates girls to set goals, embrace new challenges, and strive to become their best version.



The Black Blaze Tennis Dress symbolizes power through strength, sophistication, intensity, fierceness, and determination. Girls wearing this dress empower them to express their authority and dominance on the tennis court, enabling them to face challenges with confidence and unwavering force. The Black Blaze tennis dress also represents the girls’ power and authority in the game. Girls feel self-assured and assertive by adorning a dress that embodies strength and sophistication, establishing their presence and control on the tennis court.

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